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NewsNew Economy Summit 2015
22 September 2015
New Economy Summit 2015

Today’s mainstream economy has immense productive capacity, but we're hitting the physical limits of the earth’s systems - climate change looms, allocation of resources is very unequal, dissent is growing. So what are the alternatives?

Come and explore the new economy . We'll be joined by experts and practitioners from Bristol, the UK and beyond for two days of learning, participating and connecting. The event is designed for anyone interested in how we move towards a fair economy bounded by the reality of a finite planet.

View the full programme: http://bristolpound.org/bne2015-programme

Speakers include: Michel Bauwens - P2P Foundation, James Berry - Bristol Credit Union, Fran Boait - Positive Money, Amanda Feldman - B Lab UK, Tony Greenham - RSA, Catherine Howarth - ShareAction, Diego de La Moneda - Economy for the Common Good, Constance Laisné - Altgen Youth Coop,  Jeremy Leggett - Solar Century, Ed Mayo – Cooperatives UK, Ciaran Mundy - The Bristol Pound, Dan O’Neill - University of Leeds, Jules Peck - Real Economy Lab, Kate Raworth - Doughnut Eonomics,  Molly Scott Cato - MEP, John Thackara - Doors of Perception, Sarah Toy - Bristol City Council, Liz Zeidler - Happy City.

BOOK HERE: http://bne2015.eventbrite.com

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