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6 June 2017

After 23 June 2017 Bristol Credit Union will not be able to issue cheques that can be cashed at a Post Office.  This change is happening because our bank Ė The Co-operative - has ended its arrangement with the Post Office to cash cheques at its branches.  

We are unable to issue cash instead, but we have provided a list of alternative ways of accessing your money that may prove easier and cheaper for you than travelling to the branch and paying a fee each time you get a cheque.

How can you get your money?

1. Transfer your money with no charge and on the same day to a bank account

If you receive regular payments we can automatically transfer the funds and you will not have to contact us each time

2.Transfer money to your Engage card with no charge and on the same day

If you receive regular payments we can automatically transfer the funds and you will not have to contact us each time

3. If you donít already have an Engage Prepaid card we can help you open one in the branch or over the phone. 

Please note the Engage card is not run by Bristol Credit Union but by the Contis Group and you need to contact them for any queries with this account. 

It will take about 7-10 days after the application to receive your Engage card which is when you will be able to activate it Ė you will need access to a mobile phone number to get an activation text.

(Engage cards do have a monthly £2 admin charge and you will be charged 75p every time you use an ATM to withdrawal cash. However, you can get cashback for free in most retailers when you make a purchase)

4. Open a bank account or a Post Office current account and then arrange for free daily transfers

We can give you details on how to open a Post Office current account. 

We do apologise that we have to take this unavoidable action. If you have any questions or want to discuss your options further then please do not hesitate to ask staff at the branch, contact us at info@bristolcreditunion.org.uk or call 0117 9247309.

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