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NewsInternational Credit Union day
20 October 2016
International Credit Union day

Making a real difference for real people – that’s the essence of authenticity for Bristol Credit Union.

Today is International Credit Union Day and this year’s theme is ‘the authentic difference’ – a celebration of the real impact that credit unions around the world can have on their members’ wellbeing.

At Bristol Credit Union we see every day the positive role we play in many members’ lives, whether by providing affordable, local borrowing, by helping members build savings for their future or by assisting them with managing their money. 

To celebrate ICU Day we’ve picked just a few of our thousands of members’ stories to share: 

HB's story 

Bristol Credit Union have saved my day more than once. They are friendly, flexible and so easy to talk to, they will bend over backwards to help the situation unlike normal banks. 

I have been a single parent for many years and have struggled every year with school uniforms etc. so I have been having repeated loans for a long time now.

Now my son is older they have helped me with a car, something for me and that’s helped me back to work. When you think no one will help the credit union are always there. You have got to join today!

MB's story 

“I save with the BCU because I want to know my savings are helping other local people and aren’t just being used to make bankers richer. I don’t have a lot of money, but the BCU makes it really easy to put aside what I can when I can. Saving every month from my pay means I don’t even notice my savings building up – a great help when I need to use the money.

SM's story 

Having driven past the door of the Bristol Credit Union on an almost daily basis it was a family friend who finally recommended my partner and I to investigate their services for a small(ish) loan we needed at short notice. My partner, now husband, and I had decided to get married with only 4 weeks notice and were a little short of funds for our plans. Our estate car had also died a couple of months earlier and we had dithered about replacing it. We applied online one evening, hoping for a quick response and I was very impressed when I received a very friendly phone call two days later. Having had a ‘proper' conversation about purpose for the loan and affordability, we sent through all the required information. Our advisor kept in touch with us the whole way through and less than 48 hours later, we had our loan approved, on a great rate, and I was able to pop into the branch and sign the papers. The funds were with us the next day.

However, after the wedding, we decided we wanted to fulfil another long held dream and rather than purchase a car we decided to try and buy a camper van. We went back to BCU, spoke to the same advisor again (avoiding the need to go through endless repeat conversations and new info) and within 3 working days we had a decision on the extension to our loan, which was approved. Every conversation we had with the people at BCC was a delight, they genuinely wanted to help us and they moved so quickly which was immensely helpful. We would recommend them unreservedly to anyone looking for a loan.

A huge thank you to these particular members for sharing their stories with us and to all of our members, our volunteers and our staff for being part of Bristol Credit Union and helping make Bristol, Bath and the rest of our local area better off – a true authentic difference.

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